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Vesak Day Crafts – Paper Lanterns

23 May

So this is a pretty common craft but a wonderful hands-on craft that younger kids can take part in. A string of paper lanterns looking ever so lovely!So this year, my theme for Vesak is the Buddhist Flag Colours, so the paper lanterns, all hanging in a row are the beautiful colours of the Flag – blue, yellow, red, white & orange!


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Vesak Craft Activities – String Balloon Lantern

23 May

This particular Vesak is taking me back in time remembering all the fun I used to have with my Grandmom making these gorgeous String Balloons. I was pretty young when we got started doing these and I loved seeing how the string balloons forms finally!

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Vesak Day Crafts – Origami Lotus Flower

22 May

The Lotus Flower holds special significance to Buddhists, so I thought as a part of Vesak Day Crafts, Junior and I should make some Lotus Flowers. Now Junior needed a bit of help with this, this craft is ideally suited for older kids perhaps – 8 upwards. Still it was something that he loved being a part of and it was a wonderful starting point for me to give him a glimpse as to why the lotus flower is a rather special flower.

So the instructions for the Origami Lotus Flower is also Mumsibles first youtube video!!! (yay!!)

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I also found this site and it actually has some wonderful information, so please do check it out for more information on The Meaning of the Lotus Flower in Buddhism