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Quick Family Feeds – Day 3 – Thai Fish Cakes with Thai Salad

14 Jul

by Mumsibles G

Who doesn’t love a quick healthy fresh feed for the lovely. The shorter the prep time and cooking time, the better, as long as it’s gulped down without complain by Junior and his Daddy!IMG_20130711_185948

Try this lovely Thai Fish Cakes with a fresh Thai Cucumber Salad, your family will love it and it an absolute breeze I promise you! Continue reading


27 Apr

Oh god! This is yum… heavenly yum! You don’t want to miss out on this and it just takes minutes to make and enjoy!

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Recipe – Date & Oat Slice

18 Apr

I love the goodness of a piece of Date & Oat slice. It just oozes of health and nourishment. Breakfast is one meal that almost everyone in our family is in a hurry to have. There’s either no time to whip something nourishing up or no time to eat it! That’s exactly why I love Date & Oat slices. I just make a batch of them and distribute it to my mom, father-in-law and whatever that’s left (which is meant to last at least for about 4 meals!) Hubby finishes in a day :). Honestly, it’s plain goodness and we don’t really leave it for breakfast, it substitutes as a sweet for tea time, a nutritious snack and a wonderful dessert!

date and oats slice

Go ahead, click below to get a a printable version of the recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to make this delicious treat! Continue reading

Recipe – Green Eggs & Ham

17 Mar

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and for breakkie, it’s Green Eggs & Ham! Try it out!

wpgreen eggs& hamrc

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Recipe – Savoury Muffins

9 Mar

I love whipping up something that’s yummy, easy for little hands to eat and takes only minutes for me to prep!

Savoury Muffins make a great accompaniment for a healthy soup and is excellent as a school snack. Yummy in the tummy. The combo of cheese, ham and spring onion can never go wrong!

savoury muffins recipe card

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Recipe – Creamy Date Smoothie!

17 Jul

I just love date smoothies! In fact, I used to drink quite a bit of them back in Uni, when I wasn’t much of an avid chef. A date smoothie in the morning was enough to keep me happy till I made my way to the cafeteria at lunch!! They are easy to whip up and are a dream.

The nutritional value of dates are impressive to say the least. Dates are very rich in antioxidants & fiber. In addition, they also contain Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium and Calcium. The month of Ramadan – Fasting has nearly started, which means a wide variety of juicy dates will be around and easier to get hold off. So next time your out shopping, grab some and try this delicious recipe. It could be your breakfast or a healthy snack!!