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Review – Cookies from the ”Kookie Lady”

16 Mar

by Co-Authour Kay

So , I saw this facebook ad once and I couldn’t resist calling the kookie lady. I placed the order for dozen of chocolate cookies. I must tell you, this is the first time I have tried her cookies but I thought, they’d have to be pretty good to be sold at Barefoot and Odel, surely, they cannot be bad!1187061_10152076321358401_8039528_n


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Let’s Take A STEP

23 Feb

by Co-Writer Kay

Read on to find out my views on the Step Class, a small interview with Tashiya Captain,  Director of Body Bar and a Certified Step aerobics Instructress as well as what other’s who attend the class have to say about it!


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Tips for Planning Your Nursery

20 Feb

by Contributor Writer First Time Mummy!

As you look forward to the arrival of your little bubs, one of the things that you might be opting to do is organize and plan out the Nursery. This can be a very interesting time for you, lots of expectations and lots of ideas. Yet as a first time Mum, you might not sometimes have a clear idea what to have in the Nursery – for you – our Contributing Writer First Time Mummy has shared her checklist for a wonderfully comfortable Nursery!92571987 Continue reading

Dressing For Fitness – The Battle of The Sports Bras!

18 Feb

by Co-Writer Kay

Wearing the right sports bra is critical as much as the quality of your workout.

For me my sports bra should be comfortable and yet firm, so that I could do my work out effectively. I simply don’t want to see and feel my breasts moving it all over the place and get unwanted attention. Read on to check out the Battle of The Sports Bras!PhotoGrid_1392370952803

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A Visit to Colombo Fort Cafe

17 Feb

Tucked comfortably in the Colombo Dutch Quarter is this wonderfully chic but casual restaurant. Did it pass the Junior Test? Check it out!

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Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 3

24 Jan

Contributed by A Dad Who Spends Quality Time With Family

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Breakfast Special – Apple Bran Muffins

19 Jan

by Contributing Writer Laura Hewe​tson

Here’s a super easy, healthy breakkie idea that will be great in the snack box too 🙂

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A Visit to Santoré Bistro Italiano

17 Jan

By Mumsibles G20131210_184740

Junior had finished his concert and we were all a bit tired and was looking for a place to have a quick bite before heading to bed. I wasn’t really interested in spending a long time waiting for a meal. We were in Colombo 07 and was thinking of trying out a new place, when suddenly Santore hopped in to my mind, so that’s were we headed. Did Santore pass The Junior Test? Read on to find out! Continue reading

Homemade Laundry Detergent for Sentive Skin

15 Jan

You may want to make your own laundry detergent for so many reasons. If you are like me and nervous about all the chemicals that are in your commercial made laundry detergent, this is the way to go!20140113_135907

What you will be using is very mild soap and what’s around your kitchen – in fact there wasn’t anything that I had to ‘hunt’ for or really make an effort to look for! You will be saving a few rupees here and there but most importantly you wont be using any harmful chemicals and it will be earth friendly! Continue reading

Johnson’s Baby – For Mum & Young Girls Too!

10 Jan

by Mumsibles G

So, this post is dedicated to the Young Me!!

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