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Breakfast Special – Granola Recipe

19 Jan

by Contributing Writer Laura Hewetson

Can’t find a muesli that isn’t full of sugar and sodium!?

I had the same issue, so have finally started making my own!

There are so many recipes out there, but have found my mom’s to be the best!

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Breakfast Special – Shaped Sandwiches!

19 Jan

by Mumsibles G

Even if your little one is not a fussy eater, when you have the time, it’s nice to make meal time fun! I know Junior eagerly waits to see what shape his sandwiches come in. It just takes a couple of more minutes than making a normal sandwich – but the smiles are so worth it. After all it’s all about being Mumsible!

Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches for Junior

Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches for Junior

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