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Losing The Baby Weight

16 Mar

by Co-Author Kay


Every mother’s dream is to get their pre-pregnancy figure back as much as they want to see the baby grow. Some moms are blessed, they just bounce back to their old size and shape with little or no effort. But for most it is not the case. If you are worried that celebrity ”xyz”, or the mom at school or even your neighbour has lost that extra weight they carried during pregnancy, then this article will be help you achieve the same . Continue reading

Let’s Start By Eating Healthy

11 Mar

There could be many reasons as to why you want to start a new diet plan. May be you were on holiday and you got carried away with the spread, or you were quite comfortable with your weight (loss) and started giving in to your OLD cravings. Or maybe you just started the mission. Whatever the reason is I am sure this article is going to help you get in to the right track. I am sharing this meal plan because it certainly helped me. The best part of this simple diet is that you are never going to be hungry or crave. You will be contended and happy. And you will never run out of options too.136589963 Continue reading

Perfect Gifts for HER!!

23 Feb

So this post is an interesting one! Why?? It discusses what WE as women would like as gifts! I’m seriously happy that Malinga sent us this question, I think it’s a wonderful subject (I would, wouldn’t I!!) and it’ll hopefully make a lot of ladies out there happy and also help out the men! download

We put this very important question out on our Mumsibles FB Page and here are some of the answers we received: So here’s the list –  PERFECT GIFTS FOR HER!! Continue reading

A Visit to Colombo Fort Cafe

17 Feb

Tucked comfortably in the Colombo Dutch Quarter is this wonderfully chic but casual restaurant. Did it pass the Junior Test? Check it out!

colombo-logo Continue reading

Breakfast Special – Chicken Pot Pie for the Snack Box

19 Jan

This chicken pot pie serves as a great leftover from the night before to a yummy snack box or a grab-and-go breakfast treat. When I do make a Chicken Pot Pie – I make just a wee bit more so that Junior has a tasty breakfast!IMG_20120612_123757 Continue reading

Breakfast Special – Shaped Sandwiches!

19 Jan

by Mumsibles G

Even if your little one is not a fussy eater, when you have the time, it’s nice to make meal time fun! I know Junior eagerly waits to see what shape his sandwiches come in. It just takes a couple of more minutes than making a normal sandwich – but the smiles are so worth it. After all it’s all about being Mumsible!

Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches for Junior

Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches for Junior

Continue reading

Breakfast Special – Easy Mini Chicken Ham Quiche

19 Jan

by Mumsibles G

So I just make a batch of mini-quiches and freeze the extras. When I need some for snack box the next day, I just remove them and place them in the fridge overnight, warm them for about 10 mins in the oven and presto! Lovely snack that you just can’t go wrong with 🙂

IMG_20130908_160048 Continue reading

Breakfast Ideas – Puffy Snacks

19 Jan

by Contributing Writer Laura Hewe​tson

Another bound-to-be favourite of your kid!! Snacks that kid’s truly will enjoy 🙂IMG_3658 Continue reading

Breakfast Special – Pikelet Stack!

19 Jan

by Contributing Writer Laura Hewe​tsonIMG_0843

Pikelet Stack is not just about a healthy breakfast – it’s a breakfast that your little one will really really enjoy and is packed with nutritional goodness! Continue reading

Walk the Talk with Achala

13 Jan

by Co-Writer Kay

Achala Allas is a name everybody is familiar with. But she’s even more popular now in an area called “fitness”. I see her at my gym almost every day with a 1000 watt worth smile – dedicated and friendly.achala alas

Before I approached her, I was not sure if she would be willing to share her ”Secrets” of staying so beautiful and fit. But as the saying goes ”never judge a book by its cover” – Achala graciously started talking about how she keeps fit and in shape and was happy to share her knowledge and experiences.

And here’s a very casual interview while she was on the treadmill, the day before she left for holidays. Continue reading