Losing The Baby Weight

16 Mar

by Co-Author Kay


Every mother’s dream is to get their pre-pregnancy figure back as much as they want to see the baby grow. Some moms are blessed, they just bounce back to their old size and shape with little or no effort. But for most it is not the case. If you are worried that celebrity ”xyz”, or the mom at school or even your neighbour has lost that extra weight they carried during pregnancy, then this article will be help you achieve the same .

In my own experience, life is not as beautiful as the cosmetic magazines or the celebrity magazines portray. The media could boast that certain celebrities have lost weight in a matter of few months. But the truth is far from that. To achieve the impossible (weight loss in a flash as they say), I really don’t know at what cost they lose weight. And recently a magazine pointed out that these celebrities are sponsoring weight loss brands or they endorse brands.

So here’s what I recommend:

  • If you are breast feeding eat a healthy and a well balanced meal.
  • Eat a fiber rich and high protein meal.
  • Food such as fish are packed with DHA – an essential omega 3 fatty acid that will help your new born develop a healthy brain and nervous system.
  • Milk and yoghurt are a great sources of calcium.
  • Consumer a good protein source such as lean-meat, chicken and beans.
  • Drink plenty of water in between to prevent dehydration and to speed up the metabolism.
  • If you are still not sure as to how to plan your diet, the best is to meet a dietitian and seek advice.
  • Whatever birthing method you underwent – be it normal or c-section, speak to your doctor before you get in to an exercise routine.
  • If you think you and baby are ready for a stroll, go to a less polluted park baby in the pram. You may walk for 15-20 minutes and then you can gradually increase to 30 minutes. Breastfeed your baby before you leave the house.
  • The most important point is to GET PLENTY OF REST. I am sure your family and friends have said the same, ”Sleep when your baby sleeps”. It is important because when you get proper sleep, your tendency to binge eat is less. And anyway, you will be breaking rest in the nights for the first few months. So a good sleep is a MUST for moms. Also when you are tired your body releases certain hormones that could promote weight gain.
  • Does breast feeding help to lose weight? I am not too sure about that. For some it helps. For some it doesn’t . Either way, don’t make it as an excuse to stuff yourself with unhealthy food.
  • Remember the girdles? Try wearing one to keep the skin tight. This is a tested method for generations by our grandmothers by simply using a cotton cloth.
  • You don’t have to necessarily go to the gym to start shedding the baby fat. You can start off with what I have described above. As you progress in your post-pregnancy weight loss journey, you could decide when to join a gym.
  • As I always say, there’s no magic pill to loose weight. If it took 9 months to add that weight, it would take more or equal time to lose that weight in a healthy and a practical way. Give your body some time to come around. Make it a point to enjoy the best days in your life as these days will not come back many times in life for today’s busy moms. So, when you are in this stage during the first few months after pregnancy, enjoy your new found excitement of diaper changing, burping and singing lullabies.

We from Mumsibles, wish you and your new bundle of joy a happy and healthy life.

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