Book Review – “Farmer George’s Best Cow”

9 Mar

by Mumsibles G

‘Farmer George’s Best Cow’, kinda sounds like a kid’s bed-time book or fun pop book doesn’t it? It isn’t. It’s a Mummy’s Bed Time Book and it is simply hilarious.

Book Flyer for MIC FB - Melloshini Perera Salman - FGBC

You know sometimes you read a book and think what’s the point? That’s a perfectly good couple of days I’ve just wasted. You will NOT be thinking of that once you’ve finished reading this book! It’s hilarious (did I say that already?!) Whilst reading it you are able to identify with the Author and you kind of wish you could meet her in person just to say – ‘OMG!! I can so relate to that!’

I was completely amazed at how readable this book was, the phrasing is uncomplicated and extremely readable.

The first few chapters of the book had me thinking that this was a very light, chick flick sort of read that would give me a good laugh. I was wrong, while Melloshini’s wonderful hilarious prose continued through the chapters, the subject matters that she discussed were very real and important aspects of parenting.

I’m not going into depth on all the topics that she discussed in the book – but let me tell you this. I highly recommend this book. Mums-to-be, I know most of you have probably grabbed  “What To Expect When You Are Expecting ‘and several others that will help you understand how to take care for your wee one, but if you want to find out what and how it is being a Mum, this book is a must read. Mums out there, this is hilarious, you will find yourself agreeing, laughing and wanting someone to hear you say “I agree with this!!’

This book is completely ‘relate-able’. I am yet to actually contact the author, but I would really love to have a cup of coffee with the author and chat and simply say, ‘I know what you mean’!!

So don’t forget to grab your copy!

Please do download your copy – it’s available for download from on to most PCs, laptops and iPads. (To be read with the Kindle App.)

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