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Pirate Ship Craft

11 Jul

by Mumsibles G

A Ship for the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean!!!

We had such a lot of fun doing this! It’s a simple craft which you can do by recycling a few of the things that you can find around the house. It takes a couple of hours tops and after that, loads of fun time playing. We had our band of pirates from the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean who fitted in perfectly!


LEGO LEARNING – Teaching Your Child Even & Odd Numbers -PART I

3 Jul

20130626_084941Phew!! So I’m not going to talk about the work load of kids these days! ( Except, I kinda did I think!! :p)

During third term, the first graders are introduced to Even & Odd Numbers! Yes!! I’m not sure when I started Even and Odd numbers, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at first grade. Ok, I’ll stop my rant, I must say, if it is introduced properly it is not that difficult for kids to grasp these concepts and it might be a good thing if math basics are gently introduced in play-learning activities. Continue reading