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Pirate Ship Craft

11 Jul

by Mumsibles G

A Ship for the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean!!!

We had such a lot of fun doing this! It’s a simple craft which you can do by recycling a few of the things that you can find around the house. It takes a couple of hours tops and after that, loads of fun time playing. We had our band of pirates from the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean who fitted in perfectly!


DIY Design Your Own Daddy & Me T-shirts for Father’s Day

14 Jun

By Mumsibles G

For Father’s Day this time, Junior and I will be making our own set of matching Dad & Junior T-shirts for them to wear when they are out and about.


I can’t wait to see them wearing these!

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Fish Paper Craft

13 Jun

by Guest Writer Laura Hewetson

So it was a bit of a grim and cold day outside and after feeling like I have been neglecting my little lady (in terms of doing something creative, I might add ;P ), miss 2.4 years old, I though I better make the effort and have some craft time with her!

It was also nice to get a few creative juices flowing again!fish1 Continue reading

Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 2

15 Apr


So more to add to our list of ‘Places to Visit in Colombo’. What fun! There really are loads of things to do when you set your mind to it! Continue reading

Kid’s Toy Review – Clay & Play Under Sea World

5 Apr

I love this toy! I really do and Junior enjoyed it so much! It really complimented all the other stuff after all we did for our Under the Ocean Week – particularly reading the Weird Sea Creature Book and the Crab Book that we made!


Read on to find out more of what I thought and what’s actually in the box!

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DVD Review – Reef 2

3 Apr

If any of you checked out Mumsibles fb page this morning you’d know that I am pretty excited about Finding Dory (The Sequel to Finding Nemo) from Disney Pixar. Finding Dory is expected to be released Summer 2015! Quite sometime away! So for ‘A Week Under the Ocean’ I’ve chosen Reef 2 as our ‘must watch’. Read on to find my review!


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The Angry Bunnies – An Easter Game!

30 Mar

Remember, our Easter Bunnies?? Introducing their Alterego – THE ANGRY BUNNIES!


St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Window Hanger

17 Mar

So Junior and I made this this morning in honor of St. Paddy’s Day!

It’s a simple craft, that helps kids remember the colours of the rainbow and I had a fun time explaining to Junior about rainbows and leprechauns!

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Craft Corner – Crazy Frog!!

26 Feb

I love doing craft projects with Junior. It’s the perfect time to let go and encourage him to have fun! While I do take Junior to art & craft classes, I love to indulge in some good old home fun!

So, in this post I’m going to explain how I made Crazy Frog! Now remember, it takes a bit of time to complete, only because you have to wait for the paint to dry. It’s a perfect project for a rainy day (provided, of course you can get this to dry under a fan!) or if you just have some time to while away.


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Holiday Fun Activity – Woolly Woolly Golliwogs!

2 Aug

Ah!! Golliwogs! They bring such great great memories for me.

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