Review – Cookies from the ”Kookie Lady”

16 Mar

by Co-Authour Kay

So , I saw this facebook ad once and I couldn’t resist calling the kookie lady. I placed the order for dozen of chocolate cookies. I must tell you, this is the first time I have tried her cookies but I thought, they’d have to be pretty good to be sold at Barefoot and Odel, surely, they cannot be bad!1187061_10152076321358401_8039528_n


I waited impatiently till Friday, having placed my order just the night before, can’t be helped the advert promised such chocolatey cookies! It came in two packs, 6 each. I left the cookies to attended to my work. So after all the work and the lunch then came the tea time.20140314_154719

I didn’t expect wonders from kookie lady. But she surprised me. These cookies just melts in your mouth and are utterly decadent. When she says chocolate – she really meant chocolate!! You dont think twice before you have another bite. They are the size of any standard coffee shop cookie. So fresh and soft. True to the word chocolatie. Not a hum from my son till he finished the two generous size cookies and was a very happy boy. And as for my husband (who doesn’t favour cookies much) almost went for two . She made the boys happy. Or in otherwords ”3 happy customers”.  Guaranteed that you get your weekly chocolate doze from one cookie.

And it was worth the wait and the amount I paid. Each cookie was less than half of what you pay at a coffee shop. The packing was well sealed and neatly tied with a string and even ideal as a gift.

I am certainly going to order cookies from her . Because I know with these cookies, my tea times are never going to be the same.

So ladies, don’t forget to give a call to the ”Kookie Lady’ for a batch of freshly baked, yummy, home made cookies.

Have a pleasant tea time!!

You can reach Kookie Lady on: 0773667005

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One Response to “Review – Cookies from the ”Kookie Lady””

  1. Super granny March 17, 2014 at 10:43 am #

    I will try it mumsibles..I.m coming to Colombo for the Sinhala New Year. This time we are not celebrating anything.Just Grandpa and me it’s going to be…I will let you know about the cookies once I have tried. Love.

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