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Name of Animals and Their Young – FREE PRINTABLE

8 Jan

by Mumsibles G

Here’s a wonderful and simple printable chart that will help your little ones remember the names of animals and what their young are called.

Free Animal & Their young printable

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Teaching Kids The Concept of ‘Giving Change’ – Part 2

10 Sep

I love board games!! Monopoly has a lot of educational value. 550px-Play-Monopoly-with-Alternate-Rules-Step-2 Continue reading

Teaching Kids The Concept of ‘Giving Change’ – Part 1

27 Aug

A particular math concept in addition and subtraction is giving out change. This can easily confuse kids – like Junior told me ‘ Mum, that’s just confusing things, just hand out your card, it’s just easier!!’. While he does have a point, the concept of buying and giving the necessary change is an important part of learning addition and subtraction as well as learning about the different coins!!

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Make and Learn Numbers & Sight Words Using a Chatterbox

16 Jul

I just love being sneaky and crafty when teaching kids! Does that sound mean :p

I believe that teaching your child should not only be on a table with text books open, pencils and pens around. I love ways to cheat teach and my newest find is the Chatterbox!!!20130711_170802 Continue reading

Science Activity – Baking Soda Volcano Experiment

7 Jul

I love this Science Activity! It’s a learning lesson and craft all rolled into one and Junior got super excited seeing the Volcano bursting out! We did this sometime back and with summer holidays just around the corner, I really think we must give it another go!


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LEGO LEARNING – Teaching Your Child Even & Odd Numbers -PART I

3 Jul

20130626_084941Phew!! So I’m not going to talk about the work load of kids these days! ( Except, I kinda did I think!! :p)

During third term, the first graders are introduced to Even & Odd Numbers! Yes!! I’m not sure when I started Even and Odd numbers, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at first grade. Ok, I’ll stop my rant, I must say, if it is introduced properly it is not that difficult for kids to grasp these concepts and it might be a good thing if math basics are gently introduced in play-learning activities. Continue reading

Science Activity – Introduction to National Flags – FREE PRINTABLE

4 Jun

by Mrs. Mumsibles G

Grab this free printable to help your little one identify some of the National Flags. There are two printables – one which can be used as a poster from which kids can learn the names of the countries of National Flags and the second to be used as an activity where the kids and write the names next to the flags!


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Science Activity – Clothes & Seasons – FREE PRINTABLE

3 May

This activity is very practical and helps children associate what we wear during the different seasons.


There are two printable files. One can be a poster and the other a worksheet to supplement the lesson. Click below to get the link for the printable version. Continue reading

Science Activity & Craft – Let’s Learn About Crabs!

5 Apr

The Crab Book of Crab Facts!

Check this wonderful crafts & science activity all rolled into one. Hours of fun and really cool facts for the kids to learn!


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Kid’s Book Review – Weird Sea Creatures

2 Apr

Mumsible’s is having a week of Under the Ocean!

To start exploring, I’m going to read this with Junior.

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