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Craft Corner – Crazy Frog!!

26 Feb

I love doing craft projects with Junior. It’s the perfect time to let go and encourage him to have fun! While I do take Junior to art & craft classes, I love to indulge in some good old home fun!

So, in this post I’m going to explain how I made Crazy Frog! Now remember, it takes a bit of time to complete, only because you have to wait for the paint to dry. It’s a perfect project for a rainy day (provided, of course you can get this to dry under a fan!) or if you just have some time to while away.


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Holiday Activity – Build A City

15 Jul

There are so many reasons why playtime with your child is special. Not only do you spend time together bonding but you get to discover and rediscover so many things. Play time can also give you an insight to the things that your child has an affinity to and to what the future may hold for him. It also brings the child in you out and is a wonderful time when you too can just kick back and enjoy. Playtime can be just silly giggles or a mini-lesson. You would be amazed at how little facts that you mention during playtime really sticks to their memory. However, the most important thing about play is seeing your child enjoy himself, see his imagination in action and most importantly those lovely smiles and giggles that make imprints in your memory for ever.

Since Summer is here and most of our kids are at home or will be soon, I’ve been inspired to share some of Junior’s and my playtime activities with you.

Read on to find out How We Built a City!!

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