Holiday Activity – Build A City

15 Jul

There are so many reasons why playtime with your child is special. Not only do you spend time together bonding but you get to discover and rediscover so many things. Play time can also give you an insight to the things that your child has an affinity to and to what the future may hold for him. It also brings the child in you out and is a wonderful time when you too can just kick back and enjoy. Playtime can be just silly giggles or a mini-lesson. You would be amazed at how little facts that you mention during playtime really sticks to their memory. However, the most important thing about play is seeing your child enjoy himself, see his imagination in action and most importantly those lovely smiles and giggles that make imprints in your memory for ever.

Since Summer is here and most of our kids are at home or will be soon, I’ve been inspired to share some of Junior’s and my playtime activities with you.

Read on to find out How We Built a City!!

Great news, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort or things to build a city. All you really need are some toys that are lying around and a good dose of imagination, and what you have is hours, even days of  good fun. Just explain the basic idea to your child and you’re good to go, he will have a whole load of ideas. If your child is anything like Junior, he will insist that it’s done his way and that’s good. Remember, children learn through exploring, don’t lay it out for them, let them discover. Let your child’s imagination work and if necessary give him some gentle suggestions.

This is what Junior & I used:

  • Large paper and board (the size really depends on how big you want it to be)
  • Crayons
  • Building Blocks
  • Miscellaneous Toys

How we Built Our City:

Firstly, we laid out the board in an area where we had access to walking around it. Next, Junior started to draw his roads on the board using crayons. There were twisty turvy roads and straight ones, let your child be the one who decides how it should be. Next, we started to use some building blocks and built various buildings like hospitals, schools, airport, Pizza Hut, DHL office, apartment complex and a park. After our buildings were in place we laid out our toy cars, planes and vehicles in place. From that point on wards, I was really not needed! Junior had is covered, the cars and vehicles whirled around and the stories poured over the city.

I simply love this activity for so many reasons. Most importantly, creating the buildings using the wooden blocks helps develop your child’s fine motor skills. It further encourages patience and perseverance when building high and ‘complex’ buildings. Even if you do substitute the wooden blocks with other materials, it really gets your child to stretch his imagination and find out new ways to create things. Another reason why I enjoyed this activity is if you are like me and don’t have anyone around to help you with household chores, it’s a wonderful activity in which you get to participate and then move off after sometime to get on with your chores.

Mumsible Ideas:

This is the most basic form of this activity. You can keep modifying and really the limitations are only as far as where your imagination can take you too. You could try out the following:

  • Build a train line
  • Build a Lightening McQueen Track
  • Instead of using blocks, use cardboard boxes, plastic cups or anything that you can get and feel is safe enough to be used
  • For roads, ponds, parks etc, cut out colored paper – wonderful opportunity for little ones to practice scissor skills
  • You can draw the layout of a house and play house with pots and pans

If you have any more ideas on how to make this work or if you have tried it, please do let me know how it goes.


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