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A Visit to Santoré Bistro Italiano

17 Jan

By Mumsibles G20131210_184740

Junior had finished his concert and we were all a bit tired and was looking for a place to have a quick bite before heading to bed. I wasn’t really interested in spending a long time waiting for a meal. We were in Colombo 07 and was thinking of trying out a new place, when suddenly Santore hopped in to my mind, so that’s were we headed. Did Santore pass The Junior Test? Read on to find out! Continue reading

Christmas Craft – DIY Snowman with Glitter Playdough

18 Dec

by Mumsibles G

Simple, easy to prepare play dough! For me, this is so much better than commercially available varieties as all ingredients are from the kitchen! Go on take a look, it really is a great Christmas Fun Activity for Kids of all ages!!!

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Christmas Craft – Santa Decorations

13 Dec

by Contributing Writer Laura Hewetson

Ok. So we did these Santa decorations this morning!! Easy as….

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Christmas Craft – DIY Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

8 Dec

by Contributing Writer Laura Hewetson


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Christmas Craft – Cards Kids Can Make

8 Dec

by Mumsibles G

I just love the Season!!! Who doesn’t really?!! I always make cards with Junior for Christmas and it’s wonderfully simple. Once you get started, you’ll see that possibilities are endless and sending them out to family & friends is super fun.

Here are some cards that we did last year. You can tweak it around to suit the age of your kid, so the craft can be a little bit more complex depending on the age of you kid.

171120101451Happy Crafting!

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Christmas Craft – DIY Snow Globe

8 Dec

by Mumsible G

Okay, I just finished making this gorgeous Snow Globe and let me tell you – it’s like Christmas in a Jar!!!! I’m feeling the Season so much 🙂 Glee Christmas Album in the background and playing with the Snow Globe – Junior is loving the craft and I’m one happy Mum!!


For those of us that don’t have snow – every bit of ‘snow experience’ is joyous!! And that’s what this craft does to Junior & me – simple happiness! Continue reading

Christmas Craft – Decorate Your Own Christmas Tree

8 Dec

by Mumsibles G

You can make a couple of these and hang them around or use it like I did as a small center piece on the table. It’s load of fun decorating it and is a simple idea to get your kids ‘crafting’ this holiday!

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Christmas Craft – Rudolph Christmas Tree Decoration

8 Dec

by Mumsibles G

I love Rudolph and love this craft. What makes this craft special to me is that  it’s Junior’s hand print. Wonderful keepsake I think 🙂 Simple and fun and wonderful when hung on the tree.


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DIY Snake Bubbles

14 Nov

by Mumsibles G

Bubbles! Wow, I think no matter how old you are, it’s oodles and oodles of fun!!! When’s the sun’s shining and you want some simple and short prepping fun – Bubble Fun is the way to go!

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Teaching Kids The Concept of ‘Giving Change’ – Part 1

27 Aug

A particular math concept in addition and subtraction is giving out change. This can easily confuse kids – like Junior told me ‘ Mum, that’s just confusing things, just hand out your card, it’s just easier!!’. While he does have a point, the concept of buying and giving the necessary change is an important part of learning addition and subtraction as well as learning about the different coins!!

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