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Name of Animals and Their Young – FREE PRINTABLE

8 Jan

by Mumsibles G

Here’s a wonderful and simple printable chart that will help your little ones remember the names of animals and what their young are called.

Free Animal & Their young printable

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Science Activity – Introduction to National Flags – FREE PRINTABLE

4 Jun

by Mrs. Mumsibles G

Grab this free printable to help your little one identify some of the National Flags. There are two printables – one which can be used as a poster from which kids can learn the names of the countries of National Flags and the second to be used as an activity where the kids and write the names next to the flags!


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Recipe – Date & Oat Slice

18 Apr

I love the goodness of a piece of Date & Oat slice. It just oozes of health and nourishment. Breakfast is one meal that almost everyone in our family is in a hurry to have. There’s either no time to whip something nourishing up or no time to eat it! That’s exactly why I love Date & Oat slices. I just make a batch of them and distribute it to my mom, father-in-law and whatever that’s left (which is meant to last at least for about 4 meals!) Hubby finishes in a day :). Honestly, it’s plain goodness and we don’t really leave it for breakfast, it substitutes as a sweet for tea time, a nutritious snack and a wonderful dessert!

date and oats slice

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Science Activity – Let’s Learn About The Parts of Our Body – FREE PRINTABLE

25 Mar

Teaching the parts of the body has numerous benefits. Schools usually introduce the body parts as a basic lesson so that a child is more aware of his own body at the preschool and first grade level. They also do it to increase a child’s vocabulary.  Aside from these, children are better able to express things about their body, like, they would be able to say, ‘my ankle hurts’ instead of ‘my foot hurts’.


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Science Activity – Let’s Learn About Rainbows – FREE PRINTABLES

22 Mar

Free Printable – An activity to help children learn about rainbows!


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Math Activity – St. Patrick’s Day Math – FREE PRINTABLES

17 Mar

As promised, here are two Math Activities for St Patrick’s Day!



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Math Activity – 1 to 10 Counting & Spellings FREE PRINTABLE

7 Mar

New Math Activity is out! Free Printable, click on the link below to download!!


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English Activity – Days of the Week – FREE PRINTABLE

4 Mar

Hope you enjoy this printout of the Days of The Week.


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