Let’s Start By Eating Healthy

11 Mar

There could be many reasons as to why you want to start a new diet plan. May be you were on holiday and you got carried away with the spread, or you were quite comfortable with your weight (loss) and started giving in to your OLD cravings. Or maybe you just started the mission. Whatever the reason is I am sure this article is going to help you get in to the right track. I am sharing this meal plan because it certainly helped me. The best part of this simple diet is that you are never going to be hungry or crave. You will be contended and happy. And you will never run out of options too.136589963

This diet plan was provided by Sanka Iddamalgoda, a certified fitness trainer who is attached to the ‘Body Bar’ gym at Colombo 5. Sanka has more than 13 years of experience in the field of fitness training and is a qualified trainer. He has trained many and of all age groups and to his credit, has references from many who have achieved their weight or fitness goals.

Breakfast Mid-morning snack lunch Snack Dinner

Monday String hoppers or Egg-white curry Hoppers or Brown Rice 10 am Apple 11-11.30 Yoghurt Steamed Vegetables Grilled fish or chicken or Egg whites 1 Avocado Boiled vegetables an omelette

Tuesday Sandwich – brown bread Egg whites Pittu 10 am A fruit juice – no sugar 11–11.30 A glass of skim milk Kadala Egg whites A vegetable Salad Cashew nuts Grilled fish or chicken with vegetables Egg whites

Wednesday Cereal or Egg whites or Sweet potatoes 10 am Papaya 11-11.30 – Slice of cheese Cucumber Salad Grilled fish or chicken and a veggie salad Peanuts Steamed vegetables with grilled fish or chicken

Thursday Oat meal Egg whites Brown Rice Hoppers 10a.m A mango 11-11.30 Yoghurt Broccoli Salad Egg white salad Grilled fish or chicken Walnuts or Almonds Steamed Vegetables Omelette Or a clear soup ( radish soup)

Friday Cornflakes Egg whites Manioc 10a.m an orange 11-11.30 any dairy food Grilled Tuna fish With a cucumber salad Avocado Boiled vegetables Omelette

Saturday String hoppers or 10 am Watermelon Kaupi Egg whites peanuts Clear soup And a Salad

Pittu 11-11.30 a slice of cheese Grilled fish or chicken and a salad

Sunday Sweet potatoes Egg whites Oat meal Cereal 10 am Fruit Juice 11-11.30 Yoghurt Cucumber salad Omelette Grilled fish Cashew nuts Vegetables with chicken or fish. Or a clear soup.

Please note –

It would be a good thing to eat a fruit before the main meal.

The meal quantity is not specified in the plan since it depends on the activity level of an individual on a particular day.

Anyhow, the meal plan was designed to moms who are physical active or engaged in some sort of activity to lose weight.

Nuts – handful only.

Should drink 2-3 litres of water throughout the day.

Try this plan at least for 2-4 weeks to notice a difference. And let us know!!

To access a printable version of the meal plan, please visit https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwhjvhoqObrnbmdqbzJIRk5UQkE/edit?usp=sharing

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Before beginning any diet plan or exercise program (including those on this site) it is your sole responsibility to seek the advice of a physician before starting.  It would be in your best interest to have a physical done, including blood work, ekg, and other health related exams that will help determine whether you are physically fit enough to begin such a rigorous exercise plan and diet.

By following any diet or exercise plan on this site you acknowledge and agree to hereby release http://www.mumsibles.com from any liability including, but not limited to muscle pulls, muscle sprains, broken bones, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes related incidents, shin splints, other orthopedic related injuries, gout, soreness, and any other health related incident during participation.

3 Responses to “Let’s Start By Eating Healthy”

  1. Rosy March 11, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    looks like I can comment on this after all.! keeping healthy will keep you wealthy and wise too…..! How come you can get wealthy one may ask. Naturally you will buy only the food stuff you need and it will go easy on your purse.! Wise means,you learn to eat wisely and won’t put on unwanted weight,will think twice on your health and beauty…etc.
    It is indeed easy to go on the diet you have given.No need to fuss,because all yummy food are included, a mix of local food too.There is a change of taste every day.So how can I grumble…!I sure will give it a try,and introduce this meal to my grand daughter too. She IS putting on weight…! She loves to eat my food,so without her knowing, she too will go ease on her weight. I will inform you in 4 weeks time how things are.
    Thank you mumsibles ….This diet chart indeed is a god sent, because there is nothing that you cannot eat.
    IT IS EAT WHILE YOU LOSE WEIGHT PLAN. Good work. Thumbs up.

  2. Super granny March 11, 2014 at 11:42 am #

    Hello, this is super granny…!Had a little ups and downs last few days…! You know…family matters! Life has to go on anyway…! Mumsibles is something I like very much. I can always pool in my two cents worth to it.Writing to you boosts up my energy,and makes me happy.
    So this seems like a great way to lose weight…!Must give it a try because all the food I like is included in the chart.Looks like I won’t go famished after all. One has to eat to fill the tummy. What is the point if you look dashing but half dead by not eating but licking food………….!Keep up the good work mumsibles. Results will be notified in near future. Love.

  3. Malinga March 11, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    In Buddhism it says “AROGYA PARAMA LAABHA ”
    That is “HEALTH IS WEALTH”……How true. One has to be healthy to lead a good life.
    I think you have come out with something very helpful to young and old alike.
    super post this time. Very valuable.super menus,mouth watering,won’t go in hunger.What more do you need…?!
    All ladies out there,have good figures,yummy meals,happy tummies. My lady will love this diet chart.All the best to MUMSIBLES. Hats off for the good work.

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