Me as a Mumsible

Hi , I’m a Mumsible Mum!

If you’re wondering what my story is, keep reading!

From girl to woman to mother, I’ve had many faces and phases, but non as satisfying and fulfilling as Motherhood. I often reflect back on my life, everything that I have done and been,  can’t compare to my experience of motherhood. From the minute I knew I was pregnant I looked forward to my baby’s arrival. When Junior finally got here, I was in love the first second and it seems it is a ‘love affair’ to last my lifetime.

Motherhood is a lot of things. Chef, doctor, friend, teacher and many many more, if you’re a mother, you don’t need me to remind you of the many roles we play. It’s also being a student and learning from the beautiful moments of parenting. Ah, there is so much to learn, so so very much and we all know it.

So let’s inspire and be inspired to be Mumsible.

Mumsibly Yours

Mumsible G


One Response to “Me as a Mumsible”

  1. kartwheels March 26, 2013 at 12:10 am #

    I will follow and check back in to see what you are up to. I agree about motherhood being a lot of different thing (chef, doctor… indeed!) If you have the time and interest, I invite you to check out my blog of kids’ activities. Take care!

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