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Christmas Recipe – Cookies for Santa!

8 Dec

by Mumsibles G

I think this is the perfect cookie to leave under the Christmas Tree for Santa!! Leave this and a mocha under the Christmas Tree and you are guaranteed top-notch gifts this year and through out!!!


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Review – Constructive Eating – Feeding Kids Creatively!

21 Nov

by Mumsibles G

Feeding kids creatively?! I don’t have to convince you, we all need that 🙂


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RECIPE – Soft Chewy Oatmeal Cookies – Breakfast Recipes

1 Sep

If you are looking for a quick breakfast idea that can be prepared before hand, this is something that you really must check out! It’s wholesome with just the right amount of sweetness and a quick healthy breakfast for the whole family!

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How to Stop An Apple From Browning After It’s Cut

1 Sep

Yes, It’s that time again! Back to School!!


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Quick Family Feeds – Day 3 – Thai Fish Cakes with Thai Salad

14 Jul

by Mumsibles G

Who doesn’t love a quick healthy fresh feed for the lovely. The shorter the prep time and cooking time, the better, as long as it’s gulped down without complain by Junior and his Daddy!IMG_20130711_185948

Try this lovely Thai Fish Cakes with a fresh Thai Cucumber Salad, your family will love it and it an absolute breeze I promise you! Continue reading

Banana Chocolate Popsicles

8 Jul

Yes, Yummy Banana Popsicles!! With sprinkles on top!!!


If you are looking for a quick fun cooking idea with your little one, this is one to do 🙂

And I might I add that it’s also a sneaky way to get your kids eating fruits… Sigh, yes I know!! I’ve become super sneaky! Continue reading

Quick Family Feeds – Day 2 – Roasted Beetroot with Chicken Thighs

1 Jul

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Quick Family Feeds – Day 1- Fancy Fish n’ Chips

27 Jun

by Guest Writer Laura Hewetson

Winter has really settled in on this side of the hemisphere!

After celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary and going out to the most amazing 8 course degustation dinner (don’t worry I won’t be cooking 8 courses any night soon!!!! At least not with a toddler and being 7 months pregnant!) and then receiving my favourite food magazine “Cuisine”, I though I’d share some yummy recipes, inspired by Ray McVinnie.

For me the key was that it needed to be yummy, nutritious and family (especially toddler) friendly…. oh, and be done relatively quickly!

So in an attempt to be organized for this week I came up with 5-6 Dishes that seemed easy enough; wouldn’t break the bank and sounded scrummy!

Also they all can be adjusted according to your own taste!

So, I will share the first dish of this week,….. (Ingredients are highlighted within the text)pic1 Continue reading


27 Apr

Oh god! This is yum… heavenly yum! You don’t want to miss out on this and it just takes minutes to make and enjoy!

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Recipe – Date & Oat Slice

18 Apr

I love the goodness of a piece of Date & Oat slice. It just oozes of health and nourishment. Breakfast is one meal that almost everyone in our family is in a hurry to have. There’s either no time to whip something nourishing up or no time to eat it! That’s exactly why I love Date & Oat slices. I just make a batch of them and distribute it to my mom, father-in-law and whatever that’s left (which is meant to last at least for about 4 meals!) Hubby finishes in a day :). Honestly, it’s plain goodness and we don’t really leave it for breakfast, it substitutes as a sweet for tea time, a nutritious snack and a wonderful dessert!

date and oats slice

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