Perfect Gifts for HER!!

23 Feb

So this post is an interesting one! Why?? It discusses what WE as women would like as gifts! I’m seriously happy that Malinga sent us this question, I think it’s a wonderful subject (I would, wouldn’t I!!) and it’ll hopefully make a lot of ladies out there happy and also help out the men! download

We put this very important question out on our Mumsibles FB Page and here are some of the answers we received: So here’s the list –  PERFECT GIFTS FOR HER!!

A very BIG Thank You! to all the wonderfully Ladies who shared their ideas via our facebook page!

Listed below are their suggestions:

  • A voucher for a foot massage or a facial
  • A day out with the kids so we can relax, grab coffee with friends, or go to the spa
  • A couples massage at Spa Ceylon, a short holiday getaway. NEVER buy clothes or accessories coz chances are she’s not going to like them. However, if budget permits, diamond jewelery is always welcome. (But pls check with jeweler if it can be exchanged in case she doesn’t like)
  • Jewelry is nice as its not something you spend on often.. A well thought of gift is always appreciated than a voucher.. Books if she is reader.. But a day spent with her doing all the things she likes to will be the best…nice with drinks at the sky lounge..!!
  • A new release of a book from an author she likes.. If shes into reading..
  • To me a good perfume! Or a anything that’s put thought into
  • Not look at the phone or ipad or laptop or answer any calls…. just one day of undivided attention!!
  • A spa voucher of course and daddy’s day with the kids so mommy can chill !!
  • Nicholas Sparks book or holiday at a five star hotel
  • Jewelry. Perfume. If clothes, then it would be a voucher.
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates! Especially exotic ones and unsual flavours like you get from Gerard Mendis Chocolatier
  • A Kindle of e-Book Reader if she’s into reading.
  • Vouchers for a Manicure, Pedicure, maybe waxing!
  • Something a little bit naughty!!
  • A Tab so that she has something to do while the kids are at classes
  • Jewellery – diamond or any other!!
  • Handbags! Better to check if it can be changed 🙂
  • Take her out for a very romantic dinner
  • Impromptu lunch!!

So I think unanimously, we ladies agree that NO CLOTHES unless it’s a voucher!! And massages and spa days seems a favourite, of course!!

Malinga and all those who end up reading this post, we hope we have helped out a little. If you have any more suggestions, please do post below!



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2 Responses to “Perfect Gifts for HER!!”

  1. Malinga February 24, 2014 at 5:06 pm #

    At last ….My darling wife will say that I have done something meaningful..all my life with her…! Though only just about nearly four years of marriage,I’m still trying to know what she likes as gifts. I know clothes are not the thing as a gift,that is very true as all the ladies said, because I learnt my lesson …! She went wild her last birthday.and said that the t shirts I bought for her were hideous Later she was nice enough to say that it was not the t shirts that BUGGED her , but the BULGES…!
    Any was she still loves I think. Ha Ha. Today is my day off. I think I must take her to that aerobic class you suggested.I don’t know whether it will be another mistake. The learned men say TRY TRY TRY TILL YOU SUCCEED.So I’m trying to try out this too. Thank you so much mumsibles for all the heavenly ideas. One more thing….! DON’T EVER THINK THAT MEN TOO ARE HAPPY WITH WHAT THEY GET FROM THEIR LOVED ONES. SO WHY NOT GET THEIR IDEAS ON THIS TOO? So that the couples can mix and match….! I’ll be happy with my coke and cricket match;a day or two out into country side,long walks by rivers if any..We still don’t have kids.So I don’t know the feeling of it. Me and my LOVE alone..sweet nothings..They are much more valuable to me than all the gifts under the sun.IT’S THAT PEACE OF MIND THAT MAKES ME GOING… and my lovely wife agrees on this too. Great that we like the same things like this.

  2. Malinga February 24, 2014 at 5:35 pm #

    You know mumsibles My gift for my Lady will be THE AEROBIC CLASS your were talking about for our wedding anniversary next month.Have to take her there, get her liking and then if she likes, she can join it. But I think I will love my bulgy wife more,than a beauty queen. I loved her,not for her beauty, but because she has a golden heart.she still is like that though she blows her top off at times… Can’t help it, when men like me cannot understand somethings the women go through..

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