Tips for Planning Your Nursery

20 Feb

by Contributor Writer First Time Mummy!

As you look forward to the arrival of your little bubs, one of the things that you might be opting to do is organize and plan out the Nursery. This can be a very interesting time for you, lots of expectations and lots of ideas. Yet as a first time Mum, you might not sometimes have a clear idea what to have in the Nursery – for you – our Contributing Writer First Time Mummy has shared her checklist for a wonderfully comfortable Nursery!92571987

So here are some of things that can make your nursery a wonderful space for your bubs and you!


1. Changing table

Ideally with dresser space for baby clothes, linen (towels wash clothes etc,) diapers and care products. Clothes sorted in to sizes by months (for instance 0-3 months, 3-6 months etc)saves quite a bit of time and overall easy access to everything in one space. 
2. Changing pad and covers for same
Additional covers at hand always a good idea for those little accident times :)) rubber mat to use for those really messy times also a very good idea!
3. Laundry basket
Babies somehow seem to run through clothes linen etc SO fast!
4. Diaper Disposal Unit
Very useful, seals in any odour and easy disposal with no mess!
5. Waste bin
6. Crib (with storage space)
Storage space of course not a must but comes in handy to store crib linen blankets as well as other not so frequently used items including the diaper stocks in this space. 
7. Comfy chair (rocker)
For feeding or just for some mommy baby cuddle times!
8. Storage bins/baskets, play mats and book shelves
Obviously for later on but never too early to get it out of the way.
9. Crib mobile and Changing table mobile 
Where they spend quite a bit of time on a daily basis and something to keep them occupied! Specially while changing is pretty helpful.
10. Something to play music on for baby
11. Lots of colour for nursery decor/walls etc.

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