Dressing For Fitness – The Battle of The Sports Bras!

18 Feb

by Co-Writer Kay

Wearing the right sports bra is critical as much as the quality of your workout.

For me my sports bra should be comfortable and yet firm, so that I could do my work out effectively. I simply don’t want to see and feel my breasts moving it all over the place and get unwanted attention. Read on to check out the Battle of The Sports Bras!PhotoGrid_1392370952803

I have listed below few important things to consider when choosing a good sports bra.

  • It is always best to go in person to buy a sports bra.
  • To prevent chaffing and for comfort, look for moisture wicking fabrics such as Dri-fit. You may also stay away from 100% cotton bras as they get wet when you sweat.
  •  If you have a larger chest and need a lot of support, you may opt for a sports bra with wide shoulder straps and racer back straps.
  •  I always buy one size smaller than my usual size to add firmness. But I make sure it is not too tight and does not suffocate me. If I could slide two fingers under the straps it’s a good bra.
  •  Always, do some movements like when you jog or jumping jack when you are trying the bra, so you can check how the bra behaves before buying it. If the bra is able to hold and support your breast with very limited free movement, then it is OK to buy.
  •  You should replace your sports bra, when the elasticity is lost or if there is a change in your weight.
  •  I always machine wash and air-dry my sports bras, but it is advisable to hand wash and air dry them for a lasting use.

Here are some currently available sports bras.


It’s expensive compared to the other sports bras. The material is a polyester and spandex blend. They come in interesting colors and designs. Available at the Nike shops.PhotoGrid_1392370952803


Reasonably priced. Comfortable and stylish. They have a variety of colours. Price ranging from 1000 to 2000 Rupees. Available at all Amante agents.PhotoGrid_1392367736085


So far the most affordable sports bra in town. They too have a mix of colours, as pink and white, blacks, and purples. Ladies who don’t like too much padding but want it to be comfortable, this would be a good choice. Available at most of the Triumph agents.PhotoGrid_1392367465286


There are other brands such as Puma, Reebok, Addidas, Body Hugger and Jockey. You may also try at places like House of Fashion. Body Hugger is available at their shop on Thimbirigasyaya Road (opposite ‘Anything.lk’) and Jockey wear is available at ‘Odel’ and ‘Cool Planet’ stores.PhotoGrid_1392367517694

Below are some reviews from individuals about their experience with their own favorite brands.

‘ I have been using triumph but I must say it’s nothing like Nike. Just tried out ‘amante’ and it’s pretty good as well!! Plus the price is very attractive. ‘ — Farha Ibrahim

‘Since my athletic days I have represented & paid specific attention to the “Nike” brand. Logo has contributed to the marketing & business success of the brand and I find Nike shapes & designs specifically in black does a super job of hiding extra flab in my hips, thighs, legs & my butt. Us women are the objects of this society therefore like NIKE says “Just do it” it most certainly does it for me.’ – Regina Karunaratne

‘I use NIKE sports bras because of the comfort and structure. The whole purpose of a sports bra is not to make your breast to bounce. It does the job well with 100% comfort. NIKE is also stylish and trendy. That’s the reason for it to be my favorite brand.’ — Sharmilla Phillips

‘I like Amante. And got nothing to complain about the quality, durability and the performance. Also I have a good experience with a sports bra I bought from House of Fashion for quite a some time ago, and I am still managing to use it without a problem.’ – Anonymous

I use the Triumph sports bras. They are very good and supportive. But need a bit more finish to it.’ – Gayani Jay

‘I use Nike. It’s the best I have come across. It’s stylish, comfy and also it has drifit. So I don’t get wet when I workout. The biggest drawback in the bra is the thick booklet like label attached in to it, which I think it’s completely irrelevant. Once you get rid of it it’s the perfect bra.’ –Anonymous.

‘The sports bra I use is Nike. It’s really comfortable. I feel so free to do my workout without any discomfort. I can say it’s value for money I have spent without fear.’ – Prabhica De Zoysa

Hope the today’s article will help the readers to find the perfect bra. And it’s the perfect reason to step out of the house and enjoy some shopping for a change. So go have fun ladies, after all it will certainly give a boost for a happy and healthy life.

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5 Responses to “Dressing For Fitness – The Battle of The Sports Bras!”

  1. super granny February 18, 2014 at 10:04 am #

    Ok dear…I am not interested in this BRA bussiness…….! If you come across XXL size; pure white long skirts and blouses,let me know. I’m not the sporty type or sporty looking type. Now my main aim is to go places,take my grand children out and eat. Have a good day…

    • mumsibles February 19, 2014 at 7:52 am #

      Haha! Granny! Definitely will keep an eye out 🙂

  2. Malinga February 18, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    I follow mumsibles on and off. Yes.you have lovely ,good,interesting, ideas on practically everything that people might like and like to know about. Specially people like me who work odd hours. .So a big thanks to that.
    I will definetly take my wife to the shops you suggested. Next Sunday is her birthday. so why not it be HAPPY BRADAY INSTEAD OF BIRTHDAY…. No insult. but it’s nice if you can shower her with what she wants than loading her with unwanted things…right.!
    Why not give a list of things that LADIES REALLY LIKE AND LOVE TO HAVE FOR A CHANGE.
    It will save money and energy without going shop to shop,eating, fussing and wasting time at malls. Then I can come home earlier; put up my legs and have a cool coke in front of TV watching a game of cricket….!

    • mumsibles February 19, 2014 at 7:56 am #

      Thanks for the Malinga,
      That’s a superb idea and we will definitely see it through! Love it when you people giving us wonderful ideas like this, be sure to check in with us tomorrow and we will have this info for you 🙂

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