Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 3

24 Jan

Contributed by A Dad Who Spends Quality Time With Family

Places to Visit in Colombo With KidsI frequently take my little daughter of 2.5 years out by myself to have some quality dad:daughter time.

Some places I visit:

·  Independence Square gardens – Not too crowded lots of space for to run about and explore. Also with some roads closed off, it’s a good place to take a bike and teach her to ride.

Fun factory – She used to love this place when she was smaller but still keeps her busy for about an hour or so.

·  Water Edge – When it’s not too crowed it’s a good place to take her for a walk, see the animals, look at the fish, grab something to eat

·  Vihara Maha Devi Park (Kids Play area) – Kids can be a bit rough here but my daughter didn’t mind too much and had a ball

·   Vihara Maha Devi Park (rest of the area) – Plenty of places to sit and chill out on a family picnic

·  Cinnamon grand Pub (Kid’s play area)- Ideal place to go with some friends to let the kids play in a safe area in view of the parents and have a great meal too.

. Creative Art Classes – Will need to find the name from my friend, but daughter loves it. 2-3 hour sessions on the weekend where she draws and creates various fun stuff.. Super dad: daughter time !

·  Pools – Too many to mention (Colombo swimming Club, SSC, Waters Edge, Austasia)

· Horse Ridding  – Premadasa Riding School  – My colleague takes his kid who is differently abled and says that they are very attentive and he has found a huge difference by the child interacting with animals. I plan to take Kihara when she’s about 3.5yrs as I used to ride as a kid and loved it. Also a super excuse to take a child and give carrots to horses !

·  Go Karting – For bigger kids

·  Water World – About a 20 minute drive from Malabe but loads of fish to see (both sea and freshwater)

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2 Responses to “Places to Visit in Colombo with Your Kids – Part 3”

  1. super granny January 25, 2014 at 3:53 pm #

    That’s one great father….! This is exactly what fathers too should do with their children,not only mothers!…than going out clubing and drinking to forget troubles or simply to have fun.! Children too need fun.not only watching baby tv or playing with dolls and cars.Babies too get stressed out by doing the sme things over and over again. I salute that father for the trouble he takes to make that little one happy…one more thing dear dad;why not take him to relegious places too.Then you really have done your duty to your child.A child brought up with religeon will never fail in life.Good work dad, keep it up.I love you like my own son.

  2. grand papa the great January 25, 2014 at 4:05 pm #

    There you are my boy…! You should be proud of yourself and so am I….. I too took my children everywhere right round the country, and a occasional drink to put my legs up and be happy for all what I have done for the family and now my grandchildren too… That is the spirit son…you won’t be lonely like most of the nowadays parents…who really don’t know what they are doing…By the way… I’m supergranny’s husband…she reads out all the MUMSIBLE ARTICLES TO ME..Now I too am a fan of MUMSIBLES…Salute to you too MUMSIBLES for opening eyes of people of all ages.! Love you.and all the best for the future..

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