A Visit to Santoré Bistro Italiano

17 Jan

By Mumsibles G20131210_184740

Junior had finished his concert and we were all a bit tired and was looking for a place to have a quick bite before heading to bed. I wasn’t really interested in spending a long time waiting for a meal. We were in Colombo 07 and was thinking of trying out a new place, when suddenly Santore hopped in to my mind, so that’s were we headed. Did Santore pass The Junior Test? Read on to find out!

Santore has been around for a few months now. Our visit was in December after the Christmas Concert and I’ve been meaning to write about Santore but with Christmas Crafts and then Christmas itself, I got a bit lost. But let me tell you – if you haven’t already been to Santore – you really really must!

It’s a bit hidden I’ll admit – around a corner where you least expect it to be BUT that didn’t spoil the ambiance of the lovely experience we had there. You need to walk into SLTA and then past the Entertainers Gym and you are there!

We walked in to some Italian Music and though there were outdoor seating which Hubby and I would have preferred – Junior wanted to sit inside – which wasn’t bad because they had their pizza oven right in front so Junior had a cool experience of seeing another pizza oven and pizza being made and put into the oven.

So we got the whole experience – from the pizza dough twirled into the air and toppings spread and into the oven. I thought being that close to the pizza oven might be hot – but it wasn’t! It was fun.

Usually Junior’s a big fan of pizza but this time he wanted some pasta – so pasta it was for him and for Hubby & I a pizza. Junior’s was a Penne Con Il Pollo (Tomato & Chicken penne) and a Bacon & Fungi Pizza -Bacon & Mushroom Pizza with some wine for Mum & Dad. Let me tell you – nearly a month after my visit and I’m salivating thinking of it! It was goood!! The combination worked – and a not to heavy authentic thin crust pizza. It was heavenly! The pasta too was incredibly good – I didn’t have to force it down Junior’s throat – the flavours being good – he was happy.20131210_184734 20131210_185659

Portion wise – no complaints at all. Hubby & I couldn’t finish one pizza by ourselves and the pasta too was a wonderful portioned size which would have been a hearty meal for an adult male. We were completely stuffed and just couldn’t go for dessert – which was sad – next time hopefully I’ll save some room for dessert.

Price wise – I think its very affordably prized with the Pizza ranging from Rs1250-Rs.2000. The pastas were also within the range of Rs.800-Rs1500. Personally, these prices seem really worth considering it’s fresh, wholesome ingredients be used!

What makes Santore special? Many things really – the food definitely – authentic Italian cooking by Italian chefs, also the staff – ever friendly and full of smiles! The head chef is an Italian himself! It’s a very casual setting with everyone full of lovely smiles including the Owner who was around to have a chat and keep things personal and casual.

I can easily see this being the place Junior having a first date (I know, many many years to go for that!) but its so wonderfully personal – the service – I can see patrons visiting again and again and building those personal relationships. There are very few restaurants that I know with good food that works in such a personal manner and that’s why Santore works.

Other special mentions – they have a wonderful selection of Tea which you can order and in my opinion a MUST TRY. They have such wonderful names such as Miss Flirtea, Infintea, Serenitea!! So wonderfully wonderful.


All in all did Santore pass The Junior Test? Yes, and with flying colours 5 out of 5 for this one – wonderfully authentic food and personal service!

Special Recommendations:

  • The Bacon Mushroom Pizza
  • Miss Flirtea!

45, Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Col 7, Cinnamon, Colombo 011 2689444

Till Next Time!


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