Walk the Talk with Achala

13 Jan

by Co-Writer Kay

Achala Allas is a name everybody is familiar with. But she’s even more popular now in an area called “fitness”. I see her at my gym almost every day with a 1000 watt worth smile – dedicated and friendly.achala alas

Before I approached her, I was not sure if she would be willing to share her ”Secrets” of staying so beautiful and fit. But as the saying goes ”never judge a book by its cover” – Achala graciously started talking about how she keeps fit and in shape and was happy to share her knowledge and experiences.

And here’s a very casual interview while she was on the treadmill, the day before she left for holidays.

Her tips and tricks to looking young, that would even give a run for a 16 year old!!!

What was it like when you were a teenager and the time before you had children? Were you always small-made or have you ever had any issues with your weight?

I was small in size as a child and even during my younger days. I was also involved in sports at school. I have also received colours in netball, basketball and athletics.

Were you big during your pregnancies?

”Yes. I was huge” (in her own words) when I was pregnant with my daughter. But when I was pregnant with my son, I was smart enough to know what to eat, drink and how to be physically active appropriately.

How long did it take for you to lose the baby fat?

I started working out when my first baby was 6 months. I continued it till I got pregnant the second time with my son. I started working out again after my son was 6 months.

How did you lose the baby fat?

I was not on a special diet or any strict meal plan. But I was eating healthy and working out. It’s my mantra for losing all the baby fat or if you call the excess weight gained during pregnancy.

How often do you work out now?

I work out 5 days a week.

What is your workout regime like?

It’s a mix. I don’t stick to one certain pattern. I do various things, so that I won’t get bored with a monotonous workout. I do zumba, weights training, and cardio training on machines.

How about your diet?

I am careful with what I eat, because I don’t like to regret after indulging. But yes, I go and treat myself sometimes during the weekends and when I go out with my family and friends. But I still try to stick to the healthy options.

Generally I eat lot of fruits and veggies and less meat. Lot of leafy greens such as ‘mallum’.

Also I take a multivitamin – I believe in a well balanced healthy diet. As for antioxidents, I eat pomegranate and dragon fruits whenever they are available.

How do you maintain your weight?

That’s the difficult part. I don’t let myself get carried away. I hardly give in to temptations. I always stick to my diet plan and to my workout regimes. I hardly miss a class. I always make sure I don’t eat out of frustration or stress. Instead I enjoy the food and the moment.

What is your advice for any one who wants to lose weight?

It’s a constant thing. Don’t let your mind play games. Don’t get yourself carried away. The initial few months will be very difficult and frustrating, with a new diet plan and a workout routine. But with all my experience, I know that with dedication and hard work, you could achieve what you desire.

This is a commitment, it’s like an addiction. You have to have self discipline and control in you. It’s not the dietician or your trainer who will have the control. The ultimate control lies with you.

For how long have you been working out?

I am married for 24 years now. During all these years, I was involved in some sort of fitness training. And I was constantly working out except during my pregnancies.

What else do you do or help you to keep up the good looks?

I believe being happy is the most important part of a healthy life.

I also believe in God.

I go for a facial once a month.

I should also mention that my husband’s positive comments and encouragement helped me to be what I am today.

I thanked Achala for her time and let her continue with the rest of her workout.

I was happy to hear Achala being candid about her experiences and what she had to share on fitness. It was not like listening to somebody who would say “I love FOOD”, I eat anything and everything, I love chocolates, “just eat anything darling, don’t worry”, I hardly work out, I am not scared of food…etc etc. Achala’s honest opinion helped me and motivated me. It was a pleasure talking to her. And I hope my dear readers too would agree with me. After this discussion with Achala, I became an even bigger fan of her.

I wish Achala and my readers a prosperous year with happy and healthy life.

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Photo Credits: Amila Tennakoon

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