Eating Right on the 25th

15 Dec

by Co-Writer Kay

The month of December is the time for giving, sharing and EATING. It is noted that an average person in England consumes roughly 7000 calories on Christmas day! I was shocked – but we too have our own celebrations and of course we too enjoy good friends and good food.81814097

Let me share some tips I gathered from some of my friends who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and few of my own personal experiences.

Preparing yourself

Christmas is a time we get lost in a world of food practically everywhere we choose to be, be it at home or out. Trying to skip breakfast to cut calories will only put you in more trouble. How? You will be hungry by mid day and will start to slowly reach for cookies, cakes, chocolates, you name it any thing in the pantry cupboards. Instead, start the day with an egg. Why?? Eggs are known to avoid unnecessary hunger pangs that can haunt you through the day. Have it with a slice or two of brown bread or your usual breakfast.

Also – the most important rule — drink plenty of WATER throughout the day. It will keep you full all the time.

Just before you leave for a big Christmas meal, have a brown bread sandwich or a soup. (My choice would be tomato soup.) It will keep your hunger under control.

At the party

Be BRAVE and say no to garlic bread, sausage rolls, quiche, spring rolls, peanuts, potato salad, thousand island dressing and the cheese platter. Instead opt for salads. Choose raw veggies and fruits. Help yourself to steamed veggies, chopped carrots, cucumbers, celery, grapes and tomatoes.

During the main meal, stick to high protein food like turkey (breast serving), chicken, fish or ham. Make sure you help yourself to more veggies along the meats. Also make sure you remove the skin off the turkey and chicken.

Stick to wholemeal buns and clear soups or vegetable soup.

Leave the roast potatoes alone. 😉

You can also choose

  • chicken salad, tuna & mayo, cucumber salad, egg mayo – as all these contain fewer calories.

Then comes my favourite moment, DESSERTS.

Say YES to the Christmas pudding but NO to the brandy and butter sauce. But if you really want it, you may have about a tablespoon to taste.

Leave those chocolates alone, unless they are dark.

Stick to your all time sweet buddies — fruits.


This is where it gets tricky. People always tend to forget the calories in alcohol. Sometimes people try to cut down the calories from food and indulge in their drinks. But what happens is it will ONLY make things WORSE. It will slow down the metabolism and you will be waking up with a bad hangover. Personally, I would stick to a small glass of wine and alternate it with fresh juices, (no sugar added) and water.

You may say NO to drinks like Baileys and eggnog since they contain higher calories. So enjoy a cosmopolitan, martini, mojito, or a Bloody Mary in moderation.

In case you are preparing dinner for your loved ones:

  • Think of a vegetable soup
  • Roast turkey would be a good option. Prick it before you roast, so that it will drain off all the excess fat.
  • Steam the veggies instead of boiling. That way it will keep the nutrients. You can serve them with fresh herbs, spices or lemon juice instead of butter and salt.
  • Instead of stock cubes and gravy granules, use the vegetable stock.
  • You can serve Christmas pudding with yoghurt or non fat yoghurt instead of brandy butter or cream.
  • Instead of fizzy drinks, choose a fruit juice or a diet friendly drink.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food properly. So that you are less like to help yourself to another serving.

You can practice these tips on the 25th, 31st or any other day of the year. All you need is discipline and control of your mind.

So are YOU ready to party? Well I am. And I am confident that I am going to be GOOD.

Wish my dear readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for a Happy and a Healthy Life.

Till next time.

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