A Visit to Gerard Mendis Chocolatier

9 Dec


There are Chocolate Shops and there are CHOCOLATE SHOPS in Sri Lanka. Gerard Mendis Chocolatier has set the bar very high and it’s gonna take a lot  for the others to simply even take sight of them!

20130628_165036What’s not to love about Gerard Mendis Chocolatier! Walk in and there’s various divine chocolates that can satisfy anyone’s craving! I love that they have such beautifully thought out chocolates for kids – those wonderful alphabet and dolphin shaped chocolates usually keeps Junior busy while I peruse and devour their exotic flavours. You can get anything from lemongrass chocolates, to chillie, pepper, whiskey, honey, to baileys flavoured and so much more! If you are a true chocolate addict, this is one place you really really shouldn’t miss!

There’s so much to Gerards, not just chocolates, and I should know… my hips really really don’t lie!!

I just love their soft and flaky croissants that make an absolutely wonderful brekkie, I just add a hot dark chocolate drink and I’ve had my chocolate fix! Their pastries are wonderful, if you do stop by, their custard danish is another must, fresh and custardy, it makes a wonderful tea time treat 🙂

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier is not only a chocolate shop – they have a wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and quite a different menu too! Black Pork Curry with roast paan, seriously!! How much better can it get. Hubby has had a few business meetings there and swears on most of their dishes like the Nasi Goreng.

Juniors favourite – the hot dog! Mine? I can go on and on and on. Special mention though has to be given to the Bibikum Pudding with Arrack & White Chocolate Sauce. This is seriously something that you have to try out on your visit there. 20130627_172648Sorry! This one never got off the take out box!!!! So apologies for the pic!

Junior was particularly thrilled with his 6th Birthday Cakes that were done by Gerards and I’ll tell you, it’ll not easy to please my little man! From flavour to design everything was absolutely spot on and the cake was decorated using a lovely marzipan! (Mums out there! Do check out the other cakes they have done at https://www.facebook.com/gerardmendis.chocolatier – they are amazing!!!)

263271_490926457647488_1224747918_n 960298_10151705631499225_1537715408_n

Did Gerard Mendis Chocolatier pass the JUNIOR TEST?! Oh yes, with wonderfully tasty food every time – whether it’s dine in or having their chocolate at home Junior (and Mum) are a big fan of Gerards!!

Try out the following if you are in:

  • French loaf – wonderfully fresh and lovely for a home made sandwhich
  • Hot Dark Chocolate – need I say more!!
  • Nasi Goreng & Burgers – Hubby swears by it!
  • Hot Dog – Junior’s fav

Check out their Christmas Menu at http://gerardmendis.com/menu/index.php looks utterly divine!!


3 Responses to “A Visit to Gerard Mendis Chocolatier”

  1. uththara December 10, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

    Thanks for the super review…I am so going there just to try the bibikan pudding…and I am certainly taking my son too…once again, thanks for recommending the place…

  2. Super granny December 14, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    Hai… this is the Super granny again…!So you came up with another super great idea to make me naughty, naughty,,,,! I’ve tried Gerard Mendis chocolate once,just a tiny weeny piece,given by my beloved daughter….!They were sent to her by her cousin,and mind you there was this chillie chocolate too…..!Me being a diabetic,I don’t get to eat much chocolates now.That’s why I get tiny pieces which doesn’t give much taste,but I enjoy that too. So my next visit will be to Gerard Mendis chocolate shop.No relations and friends invited.Just me alone to get the real lingering taste and enjoy my life…! Why not ask them to try some DIABETIC CHOCOLATES too for grannies like us. After all we too are there in the society to enjoy life with sweet words,sweet nothings ….and sweet chocolates…! Thank you mumsibles for recomending such sweet places,not only to children,parents, but to old ladies like us too who look forward to something sweet in life……………!

    • mumsibles December 15, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

      Actually, that’s such a good point. I’m quite sure that they should have a diabetic chocolate, but I will try and get in contact with them and find out! Thanks Super Granny for pointing that out!

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