Let’s Lose Weight

24 Nov

by Co-Writer Kay


This article is all about how to lose weight and the benefits of it.

Remember one small step a day will make a huge difference in life. Also these are all personally experienced and tested.

Yes there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Keep in mind, as much as you could gain fat you can lose that too. So don’t be disappointed but have patience.

  • First things first. There’s no easy way out. No magic pills ( Sorry girls!! I know it’s disappointing) and also green tea ITSELF will not do much wonders.
  • There are no time frames that says you can lose this amount of weight within a given time. So therefore please don’t stress yourself.
  • They say 65% of your weight depends on what you eat. And 35% is your exercise or the workouts. So first step should be to CORRECT your diet.
  • Eat healthy

”Abs are made in kitchen” – keep it in your mind. You eat what you cook.

  1. Don’t give into temptations. Lookout for healthier options. For example, if you crave for a sweet why not try a fruit.
  2. Minimise your carbohydrates, sugar and fat.
  3. Take plenty of fiber rich vegetables, green leaves and fruits.
  4. And most importantly drink PLENTY of water during the day. It will increase your metabolism and keep your hunger at bay. ( 2-3 litres a day). Stay away from fizzy drinks and also cocktails and any sugar loaded drinks.
  5. By doing all these, don’t think you are left with nothing to eat. Instead you will find better options which you have missed but been right in front of your eyes. Eating healthy is an option., which is also the first step for a healthy life.
  • If you find it difficult to adjust your meal plan, THE BEST solution is to meet a dietician / nutritionist.
  • Your friend’s diet plan may not necessarily work on you since each individual’s body types are different.
  • Once you meet the nutritionist, stick to the diet plan. It will be ‘difficult for the first few days but you will get used to it. Not only that you will love and appreciate your healthy eating style too. Trust me you will LOVE yourself.
  • Also you will eventually find out what food will work for you. At the end you will be in charge , it’s YOUR body.
  • Join a gym, go for a walk, join a group class like aerobics, zumba etc.

The cardio workouts help to loose weight fast.

  1. Exercising helps you to control weight by burning calories. When you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight.
  2. Exercising improves quality of life. It lifts your mood and you will sleep better and certainly it will keep you less stressed out. All these good things will leave you looking better and younger looking for years through your life.
  3. Exercising also prevents many cardiovascular diseases.
  • Such as strokes, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain type of cancer, arthritis and falls.

Guess this is enough for a small but good start. So, go ahead. Challenge your self for a positive change of life style.

Await for more interesting articles for a happy and healthy life.

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