9 Oct

In my recent quest of checking out Sri Lankan shopping portals, I came across The first thing that struck me was the layout of the site. It had quite a clean feel to it and there is something to be said about how simple and straight forward it looked.


Mumzcare is another online shopping portal for Mum’s, Mums-to-be and Baby products. Products are categorised product wise and brand wise, which makes its fairly simple to locate an item that you would want to. When I came across the site I was looking for a gift for a small one but I hadn’t quite decided what I wanted to purchase. It wasn’t too difficult to actually decide – apart from the fact that they carry a pretty good range of products; the homepage lists Recently Added Items, Top Rated Items, Top Sellers and Featured Products.

After having decided on a particular item – A Handprint …. , I added it to my shopping cart and proceeded to check out. Once there, like standard online portals, I had to register and enter my billing details and email address. I was also given the option of choosing a different shipping address which means sending gifts through this site is also an option and may come in handy for those overseas wanting to send a present to someone in Sri Lanka. There were options for making payments – Cash on Delivery, Credit Card payments, EZ Cash. The checkout process wasn’t very confusing and once done, I was sent the standard emails confirming the order and the necessary tracking documents.

There were a couple of things that really struck me – one, there was online help through the form of a chat/messenger service on the website, which meant that if I was to get confused and needed help, I could actually contact a person from Mumzcare as opposed to actually picking up the phone and calling them which I found was very convenient. In addition to this, they had a Daily Deal – which is essentially Mumzcare offering a discounted product and also an area where you can Bid for a product. I am not entirely sure how this works, but seriously, it made feel pretty good knowing that I had some degree of control in what I was buying!! Also you are able to collect reward points and well enough said, I get to feel happy about spending and earning rewards!!

All in all, my experience of shopping at Mumzcare was pretty easy and uncomplicated. My order was delivered to me 2 days later and I had someone from Mumzcare calling me to find out if I received the order. The package did come to me – wrapped up with a purple bow and I must say, it did make me feel special, even if I was paying it for myself 🙂



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