Teaching Kids The Concept of ‘Giving Change’ – Part 2

10 Sep

I love board games!! Monopoly has a lot of educational value. 550px-Play-Monopoly-with-Alternate-Rules-Step-2

When you are done with Playing Shop and need a change of pace – Monopoly is way!! It teaches your kids many things.

Teach your kid to set the game up by himself. A few gos and he will know how much of money needs to be distributed to each player. Also very important is to make your little one the banker – most money exchanges will be made through him. Making him the banker will teach him the concept of allowances and also addition and subtraction. The rules in a monopoly games as in other board games, define a set of behaviour that must be followed. This teaches kid the value and importance obeying the rules. Giving out money and change will help in basic math skills.

Monopoly also has the distinct advantage of giving kids a business skill and you’ll be amazed at how competitive kids are when they are buying their share of land – the sense of competition comes out really a live! It also teaches you patience, waiting for your turn, paying what you need to or owe and also teaches you the importance of sharing.

I have many many wonderful memories with Monopoly – part of them cheating!! but it’s a wonderful way to wrap a play date or spend a lazy weekend evening.


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