Tips for Making Sure School Mornings are Easier

1 Sep

How are easy are School Mornings for you? While getting your kids and their snacks ready may not decrease your lifespan, for everyone’s well-being a good morning can be helpful!


So here are my Tips!

I’m not a morning person, never have been, never will be. However, this is no excuse to being a sloppy mom and certainly no excuse to tardiness of any kind.

So I do my magic just by following my golden rule – PREPARATION. I prepare ahead and all these little preparations and routine I follow help me smile through the wee hours of the day!

Remember preparation is the keyword and you’ll sail through!

#1 Ironing and Sorting out Clothes for the Week

  • Juniors uniforms are ironed out on Sunday evening – 5 sets means no more ironing out laundry issues during the day. This is not purely because I’m a bit spoilt, it’s also because it’s environmentally friendly to get heaps of ironing done in one go than small quantities frequently. (I’m not saying this to be funny, I am serious on the ironing bit!)
  • Underwear, socks, napkins and serviettes are all ironed and assigned to a day to be used.
  • Whatever ironing needed for the family should be done all at once ahead as opposed to just-time concept which is simply unnecessary stress!
  • Clothes that I need to wear for the week to are included so that I don’t have any crises in the morning too!!

#2 Waking up in the Morning

Obviously you will know what time the kids and other family members need to wake up to ensure they can get to school and work on time. But remember the following!

  • Wake up before the rest of the family! Sometimes i just like to wake up a few minutes a head of the time I’m originally assigned to wake up. Just me time with a cup of coffee, makes me less of a dragon. But seriosuly, wake up ahead of the family and prepare morning drinks, breakfasts and snacks.
  • Have a chat with children when getting back to school and lay down your rules – If you don’t wake up on first call they will have to do a chore or go to bed early, you know your rules and kids, work them!
  • If you have many kids or a larger family, plan on what times they need to wake up depending on what time they need to be out of the house and other factors like how many toilets you have etc. Depending on these factors, it might be a good idea to stagger the wake times so that the whole family are not up at the same time and playing bathroom wars. Allocate times and periods!

#3 Breakfast & Snack Options

  • Pre-plan breakfast and snack options. Avoid opening the fridge in the morning and wondering what you can whip up for breakfast and snack. You just end up with unhealthy and ‘uncreative’ food options (sorry I make words up at times!!).
  • Remember there are unavoidable days, Mums are human! The school canteen or tuck shop works! (just not everyday!) but you need to know when these days will be so that you can work on getting to school ahead of time.
  • Once the school box comes back from school – immediately put to wash as the bag appears on the door step and dry it, close it  and it is now ready to be used the next morning. This totally eliminates wash time for me in the morning! Likewise the water and drink bottles should be washed.
  • Whenever possible, plan for breakfasts and snacks that can be prepared a head of time and that eliminates hassle of morning prep and cooking. Take a look at our Chewy Oatmeal Recipe or Date  Oat Slice as a wonderful brekkie or snack options that can be prepared ahead.
  • You may also want to pack some things like fruit or sweets before hand and pop them in the fridge so that you can do a ‘grab’ in the morning.
  • Home made food can be frozen and heated to be used in the morning. You maybe a working mom and this option may work for you or you maybe just like me a not a morning person (which is not an excuse) you will still be able to serve homemade food with a bit of planning!

#4 School Bag and other Supplies Needed for School

  • I check for school notices the minute we get home. This eliminates a world of pain for me and I know if there is something urgent that needs tending to.
  • Keep a stack of extra school supplies at home. If you need some of them, it’s just a matter of reaching into the cupboard and no morning dash in search of book shops.
  • Once homework is done, pack the school bags for the next day. You should do this if you kids are too young to do it by themselves or else supervise or check older kids.
  • Bags can be kept near the exit, just so that it’s easier.
  • Since we live in a country that kinda seems to rain all the time, I usually keep the raincoat (and yes, i have an extra one of those too!) inside the bag. It’s up-to you though, these can be kept in the car or near an exit, whichever works for you.

#5 The Night Before

  • Sleep time is important, make sure your kids are turned in at the right time. This is non-negotiable.
  • Sleep is equally important to you. If you are working mum with deadlines or you have smaller children that need care during the night, I feel for you. You’re sleep is important too so plan around to get it.
  • Take a few minutes before turning in to make sure everything is planned and packed so that it just saves up time for you in the morning!

To summarize, plan and plan. This will do a long way and eliminate a lot of waste time. Also, obviously do what works for you, you do know what you’re doing!

Hope getting back to school and the mornings thereafter will be a breeze!

And remember smiles in the morning can light up the whole day!

Till next time!



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