How to Stop An Apple From Browning After It’s Cut

1 Sep

Yes, It’s that time again! Back to School!!


I’m always on the look out for healthy kid friendly snacks as I’m sure we are all. I like to pack a couple of things so that it keeps the little taste buds excited and not just get bored.

Most days, I like to pack small bit of a fresh fruit but most fruits like apples and bananas tend to get brown once they are cut, needless to say, it’s not that appealing when it’s a bit of brown junk.

My problem with bananas getting brown was easily sorted – I had a Practical Montessori Activity – Peeling A Banana which taugth Junior how to peel it by himself! Which was great in so many levels (it even eleminates prep work like slicing it!)

Now, apples are different! You can’t really expect a small kid to bite into an apple and eat it off and secondly, I don’t think if I gave a whole apple to Junior he’d take the time off his play time to eat – so that brings me to the point in hand – slice the apple and pack it – but do so without it browning!

I’m sure most of you have heard of the sprinklings the apple with abit of lime/lemon juice. While this does the trick at most times, the taste it leaves behind is a lemony apple flavour, which Junior contests too!!

So here’s the solution!!

Slice the apple into pieces and immerse them slices into a bowl of salt water.


The bowl of salt water should be something like 4 cups with a teaspoon of salt. Stir well and sit the apples in there for no more than 5 minutes.

Drain the water out and give the apple slices a wash before using some paper towels to dry them.

They are now ready to be packed.

So, just to make sure they work – I kept some out, unboxed and took some pics just to confirm! 6 hours later they were looking good and frankly I’m glad that it went past the ‘Junior-Test’!!!


20130831_113527Till Next Time!



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