Kid’s Book Review – Toot and Pop

9 Jul


Pop, the tiny tugboat, works hard helping all the big boats in the harbor. That is, until the day a huge new ship, Toot, is launched. Toot doesn’t want help from anyone–especially Pop. But when Toot runs into trouble, it’s up to little Pop to come to the rescue –

This was one of the first books that Junior started to read by himself and it truly is a wonderful book! Beautiful big pictures across the pages that keep little ones engaged and the story line is about a big ship that thinks he can do everything by himself but ultimately needs to help of Pop the little tugboat.

What else do I like about this book? I actually like this book heaps, but what really sells the book to me is that it is such an easy book for early readers to start reading. No intimidating big words that actually make early readers feel that they can read a whole book by themselves. Needless to say, it’s an excellent bedtime book for very little ones too!


If you’re looking to get this, try

or do get in touch with me and I’ll let you know where else you can get it from.

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