Quick Family Feeds – Day 1- Fancy Fish n’ Chips

27 Jun

by Guest Writer Laura Hewetson

Winter has really settled in on this side of the hemisphere!

After celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary and going out to the most amazing 8 course degustation dinner (don’t worry I won’t be cooking 8 courses any night soon!!!! At least not with a toddler and being 7 months pregnant!) and then receiving my favourite food magazine “Cuisine”, I though I’d share some yummy recipes, inspired by Ray McVinnie.

For me the key was that it needed to be yummy, nutritious and family (especially toddler) friendly…. oh, and be done relatively quickly!

So in an attempt to be organized for this week I came up with 5-6 Dishes that seemed easy enough; wouldn’t break the bank and sounded scrummy!

Also they all can be adjusted according to your own taste!

So, I will share the first dish of this week,….. (Ingredients are highlighted within the text)pic1

Also there aren’t really any measurements, so the recipe can be attuned according to how many people are in your family, and how much they eat.

It’s supposed to be something fun to do, so that there is room for you to make adjustment according to your tastes! J

Day 1. Fancy Fish n’ Chips

Cut a few potatoes into wedges (depending on how hungry you are!) and par-boil them. Once done, drain the water and add a splash of oil (we used olive oil) just to cover them.

Season with salt and pepper according to taste. Put the wedges on a baking tray.

Get two (we are 2 adults and a 2,5 yer old) good size fillets of Fish (we used NZ Hoki, (a white fish) which doesn’t disintegrate when you bake it…could

even use Monk or what any other fish that holds its shape and is in season!)

Lay the fish fillets out and sprinkle some dried sage leaves over them. Then lay it on enough bacon to cover the fillet and roll ithem up. We then gave it a quick fry on the BBQ so the bacon around the fillets crisp up and old their shape.pic3

Then we placed the fillets on some foil. Put a good dullop of butter on top of the fish (preferably in such a way that the butter can ooze through the centre of the rolled up wish fillet) and wrapped it up in the foil (this will help steam/cook the fish without drying it out!). Place the little parcels in the middle of the tray with the potatoes and place in the oven at 200 degrees C.


We left it in there for about 40 minutes until the fish was cooked and the chips nice and crisp on the outside, but this depends on how large your fish & wedges are, so adjust accordingly.

Careful of the steam when opening the parcels. Also keep the buttery juice in the parcel and pour over the fish.

Get the juice of 2 lemons and pour ½ over the fish and the other half mix up with some finely chopped up parsley to garnish your lovely slices of wrapped fish & chips!pic4


Laura & Sonja


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