The Wonder Dads of this Generation!

16 Jun

Dad’s! They can often become the unsung heroes. They spend their time sorting finances, meeting deadlines, flying across the world for meetings and at times being out with their mates for glass of whisky, this generation of Wonder Dads are super dads. Why? Simple, they are more hands on and more interested in spending time with their kids and are simply more interested in what the kids are doing.


The typical Asian dad has evolved. He is more hands on from the time that he finds his wife pregnant. Finding time to be with her at Dr’s appointments and during her labour, he starts a wonderful and rewarding parenting journey.

Is it just me? I find that most Dad’s nowadays can take care of a newborn child, very efficiently as well! Hubby could carry my new-born infant so much better than me and for feeds, I needed him so much as he could even burp Junior so much better than me. The new Dad can do this and so much more! Change a diaper, wash the bum of a baby, put the baby to sleep and most importantly find time to bond with the baby.

I personally know of so many Dad’s to whom being a Dad is not just by extension of an event that happened…. They know about good parenting and how to nurture their child, ask them what a onsie is and they would know it! They know about what to feed a baby who is weaning, what medication his child takes when he is sick, what to do if the child swallows a bead accidentally! He knows! and just by knowing, he has taken part in the most precious moments of his child.

So to all the Dad’s who are being more than a Dad…. you rock and we Mother’s think so too!

Photo Credits – Heather Quintas Photography


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