Fish Paper Craft

13 Jun

by Guest Writer Laura Hewetson

So it was a bit of a grim and cold day outside and after feeling like I have been neglecting my little lady (in terms of doing something creative, I might add ;P ), miss 2.4 years old, I though I better make the effort and have some craft time with her!

It was also nice to get a few creative juices flowing again!fish1

My little lady is totally into gluing -with a little help at this age, of course, I put on the glue in the right places and helped a little bit with the placement of bits of paper!-(I haven’t quite let her lose on the scissors yet)

So this is what we did:

1. Draw a fish shape on bright paper cut it out and glue onto another sheet. Glue on an eye.

2. Cut out some strips and glue them on. (we used coloured transparent paper, as it makes a cool effect when doubled up!)

3. Stick on some other shapes. Cut off what you don’t need.

4. Cut some paper spikes. Glue them at the top.

5. Cut long pieces of tissue paper for a tail. Stick them on.

The great thing is that every fish, or other underworld creature will look different every time, so I think we’ll be making a few more as there are a occasions coming up!

Here is what our end product looked like!


Happy Crafting J

Laura & Sonja


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