How to Keep Your Kids & Yourself Hydrated this Hot Season

9 Apr

This heat is horrible, absolutely horrible and I know I don’t need to convince you of it!

While the air conditioning at home and in the car helps at times, it certainly doesn’t help when you’re out doing your seasonal shopping or elsewhere with your kid. It certainly doesn’t help with hydrating you, so try out some of my suggestions to making sure that your body stays hydrated!


1. King Coconut – This is first on my list and an absolute must during this ghastly weather. Low in calories and a natural source of electrolytes including sodium and potassium this is a wonderful drink. Grab some now and whether you choose to cool it or drink it straight off the fruit, it’s absolutely refreshing!

2. Watermelon – Another no brainer! It contains 6% and a 92% water. So go ahead, cut some in cubes, freeze it and you’ll have your little ones begging you for more.

3. Yogurt & Curd – The water level of yogurt is comparable to many high-water content fruits and vegetables, like cucumbers or watermelon.

4. Cucumber – The water needed by the body need not necessarily be from water or a drink that you sip all day. Include a fresh salad with some cucumber which has 95% water.

5. Apple – This long appreciated fruit contains plenty of water that will keep you hydrated.

6. Pineapple – Another juicy high water content fruit.

7. Carrots – Did you know that carrot has a 90% water content? So there! Whether you decide to juice it, salad it or curry it, it’s one of the ways to go!

8. Iced Tea – If you are bored with sipping juice and water and need a change, how about a fresh glass of iced tea?

9. Slushie – Slushie drinks are a wonderful fun way of getting your kids to take in liquids.

10. Soup – Let’s not forget dinner time.  A soup for dinner ensures additional intake of liquid. So whether it’s a broth or cream based soup, it will do its share in making sure you are hydrated.

So here are my top 10 ways of keeping your kids and yourself hydrated during this crazy heat! Studies have shown that caffeinated and sugary drinks do hydrate you, but for obvious reasons, it’s just better to stick to fruits and vegetables.

I have not added water in my list for the most obvious reason. You need water to stay hydrated and it’s just simply undisputed!

If you do know any other ways to keep yourself hydrated, please do share.

I am not a  Medical Professional, MD, Physician or Aromatherapist. Neither the information or advice in this post should be construed to be in any way substitutes for medical attention or prescribed medication. Consult your healthcare professional if you are suffering from an undiagnosed illness or otherwise.

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