Kid’s Toy Review – Clay & Play Under Sea World

5 Apr

I love this toy! I really do and Junior enjoyed it so much! It really complimented all the other stuff after all we did for our Under the Ocean Week – particularly reading the Weird Sea Creature Book and the Crab Book that we made!


Read on to find out more of what I thought and what’s actually in the box!

The first thing that I noticed when I unpacked the toy and the clay was the texture of the clay – It was nice and oily – unlike some of the clay that we get in the market. The clay was very workable and ‘mold-able’  for tiny hands! The toy says it 3+ and really this clay is soft enough for preschoolers and older children to play and craft with.


Inside the box are many things that I was not expecting a traditional clay craft to have. It’s a wonderfully put together toy – it has work mats for the kids to mold and shape the clay. Anyone who has kids playing with clay that often gets stuck on to tables and floors will really appreciate this!!  These mats have pictures of different sea creatures that the kids can use as guides when crafting.


Some of the other things in the box were:

  • Rolling pin and blunt plastic knife to help with crafting
  • Backdrops that can be used to display the sea creatures that are made
  • Wonderful colorful oil-based clay
  • Book on clay crafting & instructions on making different sea and land creatures (If you are like me and craft a lot, this is a really great book that introduces the different kinds of clay and what you can do with each)



I’ll say it again, I love it. So much so, that I’m off to grab another for a gift for a party tomorrow :). If any of you have used it or plan to, please let me know what you think of it as well!


Also, if you like to win a free Clay-N-Play Underworld Sea Craft Toy – join our give-away either at or our Promotions & Give Away Page




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