St. Patrick’s Day Fact Sheet

17 Mar

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! All things green and all good things green! I’m so excited, I’ve got loads of stuff planned out to do with Junior.


St. Patrick’s Day is not a native holiday in our country and so I first needed to explain to Junior a little bit about the holiday and the symbols associated with it!

I’m sharing it here, so you too could use it, in case St. Patrick’s Day is not a native holiday.

St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th because, March 17th is the day that the real St. Patrick died in Ireland. Long long ago, at one point of time, St. Patrick was  captured and was a prisoner in Britain. During that time he felt he needed to teach Christianity to the people in Ireland and when he got back, that’s exactly what he did!


Leprechauns were tiny creatures who made and repaired shoes in shoe shops. They were shoe-makers!! There are many Irish stories about them. Something special about them was they stored money, that they got from making shoes in pots at the end of the rainbow!

Did you know??

On St. Patrick Day, leprechauns sneak into houses and classrooms making a mess and throw green glitter all around. They might even leave traps!!

How are we going to Celebrate?!

Enjoy all things that are GREEN and have a fun day. Starting it off by being dressed in GREEN!!


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