Cup-A-Noodle, Noodle, No Noodle?

8 Oct

So, I practically grew up on 2 minute Maggi Noodles and it’s still my ultimate comfort food, but since recently I’ve been seeing a lot of negative attention drawn to instant packet noodle and cup noodle. While I don’t necessarily believe in all the email, posts, tweets etc, that usually circulate, there’s something about the noodle issue that is getting to me.

I’ve been reflecting, and realized that whenever I don’t have a maid, I always rely on the instant noodle for a quick, rushed breakie and sometimes dinner for my whole family, of course Junior included. There are also times when I’m traveling and I need to give some dinner to Junior, it’s the cup noodle if I can’t find a decent place to get some food. In addition to these, the dreaded 5 am wake up for school lunch makes me turn to the ‘instant wonder’. So yes, I’ve come to rely on instant noodles quite a bit.

But, like I said, something about these noodles are bothering me… and so the question arises.. Is it really bad for you? I kinda think so. Instant noodles, rely on MSG to ‘add’ flavor to the noodle flavoring. Now the flavoring as we all know is in the soupy packet, which bring me to the next question –  Can we just use the noodles, boil it up in a few minutes and serve it up with some nutritious veggies. Well to me, that’s like asking – Can I serve you a nice yummy salad with oodles of fatty dressing while you’re trying to cut back on calories. If you are trying to healthy up your diet, you can’t be cutting up on certain things and adding things that are harmful on the other side. The thing about the noodle is that it is fried in oil, coated in a glue-like substance and is dried in hot air (not naturally dried like in the good old days) and packeted. Since the drying isn’t a natural process, it too can have a rather negative impact on our health, particularly of our kids.

To me the noodle doesn’t seem to be a healthy snack anymore, it’s almost like a wrapping up some junk food for a snack. The high sodium, palm oil and fatty content is convincing me to stop using it for Junior. I’ll admit I might stock a packet or two at its maximum for a very bad emergency – one for myself on those cold nights when I’m watching Greys Anatomy, but all in all, I am definitely not buying or giving ramen or cup noodles for Junior!! So my options are pretty much going to be pasta – noodle look-alikes – when I want to give Junior noodles which is fine with me!


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