I Maid You, You Maid Me

28 Aug

Ufff!! Do I have to tell you the miseries of not having help around, or having help that just doesn’t work? No I think not!

I was never ‘blessed’ with having consistent help and even when I did, they weren’t really up to my expectations. I’m not going to rant here about how little work they actually do when they are around. What I do want to say is that you can make it easier on yourself, sometimes. Here are a few tips on how I make it work.

  1. Menu Planning – I have a pretty good idea of what meals we will be having for a week. That way, I’m hardly left wondering what I’m going to make for dinner or lunch. The plus of menu planning is that I’m able to recycle some of the stuff that has already been made for lunch on busy days for dinner etc.
  2. Prepare meals that are nutritious but also super easy to prepare – Stick to what you know and try to cook food that is hassle free. Let’s face it, with a lot to do around the house, the kitchen doesn’t have to be a battle ground.
  3. Always have an extra oven roasted chicken in the fridge – I love this idea, having an extra roast means that whenever I’m in a rush or something unexpected crops up, you just need to use some for a sandwich or a salad. Super easy!
  4. Get your butcher or fishmonger to clean and cut/slice your meat/fish – This saves so much of time. I come back home, give them a wash and put them into zip-lock bags along with different marinades and pop them in the freezer. Depending on the dish I take them out of the freezer a day before or on the morning I need it and it goes straight to the pan!
  5. Using a Pressure Cooker – Ok, this is not something I actually use. Even with modern pressure cookers, the mechanism makes me a tad nervous, but, it’s a great utensil if you care comfortable using it. Saves a lot of time!
  6. Don’t leave clothes that have been washed in the machine for long – Once the clothes have been dried, take them off the dryer immediately. This saves tonnes of time off ironing as there are less wrinkles on the clothes. Some don’t even need ironing!
  7. Using a vacuum cleaner –  Invest on a good vacuum cleaner that cleans the place in a jiffy and helps with wet stuff too. It’s also great since you can do your curtains and upholstery too!
  8. Schedule cleaning – Different days to do laundry, wash bathrooms etc. Distribute the  work load and make it a lot easier.
  9. Wash things that are needed for use early morning and store them safely  – Ok, this could be just me, but I don’t just chirp and fly off the bed first thing in the morning. So I prefer to wash the coffee mugs, snack boxes and bottles the night before so that I don’t have a heavy load of work first thing in the morning.
  10. De-Clutter – That’s a no brainer! Cleaning around a clutter free area is so much easier!

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