Mama!! I Can’t Handle These Naps!!

20 Aug

Honey, It’s Nap Time!

Ok, I’ll admit it! I need my afternoon nap, perhaps more than Junior needs it! I kind of gradually got used to my nap. So even though Junior slept well through the night as a toddler, we would both enjoy our afternoon nap – re-energize and then start the day back again with playtime, household chores, and TV time for Junior & Mama both.

Lately though, getting Junior in for him afternoon nap has been a task to say the least. Last evening when Junior said “Mama! I can’t handle these naps!!’ I couldn’t help but laugh out aloud. As most of you would have already experienced, getting kids to nap is difficult and without it they get crotchety, unable to express themselves and easily irritated with things that are out of control to both them and us. I particularly remember this one time that Junior didn’t nap and was in such a foul mood that nothing would please him. He wanted his Thomas engine to drive backwards – and no amount of explaining would help him understand that poor Thomas just wasn’t made to do that. So with lots of tears and shouting Junior tired himself out and fell asleep without his dinner. So with Junior’s recent comment, I started to analyze what I am doing and what I should be doing.

Agreed, kids need their rest, especially once they start going out to preschool or start primary schooling. But what can you do when they don’t want to? Short of tying Junior to a bed, nothing will work and that too, he”ll probably be hollering (and let’s try not get child services involved!). So here’s a few suggestions that I tried out to get him to stay in one place and re-energize himself (and me too!)

  • Read a book –  I love this for the obvious reason that I can lie down with my feet up and we can talk and discuss about the book and have a chat and go through the day so far.
  • Take a small toy to bed – A little toy, playtime that doesn’t mean spending more energy jumping and running around. Instead something he can do lying on his pillow on his stomach.
  • Watching a short DVD – Something like short like Barney.
  • Doing a relaxation – The Yoga teacher in me comes out and I love these ritualistic sessions that I have with only Junior. A conscious relaxations to relax and re-energize both of us!

Do you have any other ideas on how to alternate nap time for another activity?


2 Responses to “Mama!! I Can’t Handle These Naps!!”

  1. Natasha August 21, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

    Quite agree, kids need routine, once established they blossom. Your idea of down time in the afternoon is good for both Mom and the child. Perhaps it would be good to establish a reading session before a nap. Then make the child close his eyes and make “pictures” in his mind of the story he heard. Give them a hug and they will soon be off to napland.

    • mumsibles August 22, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

      Thanks Natasha,

      I try that too. A good start for them on comprehension i think!

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