DVD Review – Barney’s Big World Adventure

10 Jul

“Climb aboard a big balloon with Barney, Ben and Emma as they embark on a super-dee-duper world adventure!

The friends visit everywhere they can imagine in this all-new movie! Together they encounter princesses and kings, musicians and magicians, puppeteers and artists across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. As the trio experiences new cultures and languages from around the world, Barney demonstrates the importance of the most universal language of all: friendship.”-  http://www.amazon.com

Junior loved this one. He and I were simply awestruck by the new information that was entertainingly put together. Lots of new and much-loved sing-a-longs for Junior to sing & learn.

This is easily my new favorite of Barney’s. I was simply thrilled to see a Barney DVD which didn’t have the same old songs sung all the time. What I most love about this DVD is that it casually teaches children that there are so many different countries, cultures and languages in our world and it’s all there left to be explored.

Mumsible Idea: This is a wonderful introduction to teaching children at home about different countries. You can introduce a particular country and talk about its flag, features of people, cuisine, language and whatever information that you would like to share with your children. It’s really up to you, but this DVD really opens the path to a lot of exploring with your little ones.



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